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Acupuncture has been used in the Far East to restore, promote and maintain good health for over 2,500 years. 

Acupuncture is rooted in the Taoist philosophy of change, growth, balance and harmony and follows the principles of natural law and the movements of life: yin and yang, the 5 Elements, the organ system and the meridian network along which acupuncture points are located. 

Acording to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), stimulating specific acupuncture points corrects imbalances in the flow of Qi (life force; energy) through the channels known as meridians. 

All needles used are pre-packaged and sterile and used only once before being safely disposed of, in accordance with the law and regulations. 

Acupuncture aims to treat a range of conditions, though is most commonly used, and known for, pain relief. A holistic therapy, acupuncture is a gentle and effective treatment that focuses on helping the whole person, aiming to improve their entire health and wellbeing. 

A full diagnostic consultation would be taken on the first visit, with questions asked about all aspects of a client's health, wellbeing and lifestyle. This comprehensive consultation enables me to create a unique treatment plan. 

The number of sessions required depends on the individual client, their presenting condition and the length of time they have suffered from it. Usually a minimum of six treatments is required, though occasionally just one or two treatments are sufficient to see an improvement. 

Jane Goodman Holistic Therapies | Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment | Northampton | 07908 010 005
Jane Goodman's Traditional Chinese Acupuncture | Northampton 07908 010 005

How much does it cost?


TCM : £45 for 45-60 minutes


Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture : £55 for every 60 minute session

Do I need to undress?


Oftentimes yes: a modesty cover will always be provided to ensure your personal privacy and comfort


Effective treatment for...


- Pain relief, migraine, sciatica, stress


- Endometriosis, fertility, cystitis, IBS


- ME, MS, PCOS, diabetes, nocturia


- Psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis


- Bells Palsy, vertigo, tinnitus


- Menstrual, menopausal, fertility


- Anxiety, palpatations, panic attacks


- Nausea, coughs, wheezing, asthma


- Arthritis, joint/tendon/ligament pain


- Gall bladder, kidney, heart & memory


- Hearing/vision/nasal/throat issues


- Carpal tunnel, golfer's/tennis elbow

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None of the complementary holistic therapies offered by Jane Goodman Holistic Therapies is intended as primary healthcare. Complementary holistic therapies work alongside the relationship you have with your professional medical practitioner. If you have any medical concern, you must always consult your GP. As a holistic practitioner, I do not diagnose, prescribe medication or advise you to stop taking prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor.

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