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How Jane Goodman helps people, just like you...

There's little more precious to you than your good health, so if you're thinking about having a complementary therapy - alongside any conventional medical attention you may require - then you will want to be assured you're going to be in safe hands.


To learn more about Jane's extensive training and professional qualifications, please visit the About page. To learn more about how Jane has helped other people, by utilising her expansive expertise, please read on...

Sam P: received KORE Therapy treatment


I cannot recommend Jane's KORE treatment enough.


Last summer, after more than two and a half years of trying for a baby unsuccessfully, and two rounds of IVF, I was recommended to try acupuncture. I contacted Jane and, after a consultation, opted for the KORE treatment.

The treatments were brilliant, they made me feel so relaxed and much better in myself. I felt taller and like everything in my body was falling back into alignment properly, after months of hormone injections. After a few sessions I was going to have acupuncture, but before I had the first session I discovered I was pregnant.

After years of not even falling pregnant we were astounded. I wish I had known about this treatment before trying IVF, as I am sure it helped me in many ways, and now we have a our beautiful son.

Lisa: received EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Reflexology


Dear Jane,

I just wanted to say "thank you" for picking me up when I was so very low. After the EFT session and the reflexology hour I feel ready to take on the world!

Thank you for working your magic. Above all I felt cured. Thank you again Jane.

Love, Lisa

Mrs Watson : received The Bowen Technique

Rotorua, New Zealand

I have been suffering with upper back pain, following an injury about 9 months ago. I have had a course of physio which was practically no help, taken up yoga which brought some relief, but one Bowen treatment has fixed me!


To sleep without waking for every turn is just wonderful!

Lisa F.: received Reiki treatment


A friend of mine recommended Jane to me - and wow - what a recommendation!


I had never had Reiki treatment before - but after an hour with Jane I felt so peaceful and "together". The hour itself was a wonderful experience - but the feeling it has left me with, even better!

Thank you Jane.

Karan Dennis : son received KORE Therapy treatment


My 7 year-old son fell over in the school playground and landed heavily on his right hip, resulting in him walking with a severe limp. The following morning he complained of equally severe neck and shoulder pain on his left side, with significantly reduced mobility. He was unable to turn his head to the left, and was punished with severe shooting pain if he even tried.

As Jane is our family go-to complementary health guru (because our GP would only have suggested Calpol, ice and rest) I was fortunate enough to be able to get my son in to see Jane within 24 hours of his fall. Jane recommended KORE Therapy as her treatment of choice, following a series of comprehensive tests to determine the nature, level and location of the injury.

Jane was magnificent with my son and put him completely at ease. The treatment was very thorough and gentle; not causing my son to even whimper or wince once. He absolutely loved the experience, not least because Jane is so kind, caring and made him laugh a lot.

Evidently my son had fallen on his right hip, but had subluxated (displaced) his T1/first thoracic vertebrae in his neck, which was carefully rectified. Jane was brilliant at explaining it all to me, so I understood what had happened, what was happening and what would happen.


My son felt the benefits of Jane's KORE Therapy immediately. Whilst his neck had a minor residual ache, everything else was fine - like the fall had never happened; he was able to run to the car and climb stairs all completely unhindered or unrestricted. I doubt I would have believed these results were possible - given the severity of his limp and joint pain/stiffness - unless I had seen it for myself. It's truly incredible.


I can whole heartedly and unconditionally recommend Jane and KORE Therapy to you. Let's be honest, Calpol, ice and rest would not have had my son running and climbing stairs within 24 hours of sustaining his injury, would they?

Donna G. : received The Bowen Technique


Thank you so much for fixing my neck. Touch wood, I'm still pain free 3 weeks later!

Leanne Moscrop - 5* Facebook Review


I have visited Jane a few times now for Reflexology and I have to say this lady is amazing! Not only can she pinpoint accurately any ailments you may be suffering with...she can give you excellent advice on how you can help yourself the natural way.


Jane's welcome is very warm and inviting and she makes you feel welcome from the start. I have recommended Jane to several of my friends who have also had treatments and returned for more!

Thank you for your wonderful are amazing! Xx


Jane is the best Reflexologist I know, by far. Treatments are exquisite. I have known Jane for 12 years now and she remains a favourite friend and therapist, with a fab sense of humour, fantastic ability and compassion oozing from every pore. If you only have one reflexology treatment, have it with Jane.

Gemma : received KORE Therapy & Cupping


I met Jane through a friend and she could tell I was suffering with shoulder pain. We had a chat and she advised me to visit her and have a KORE Therapy treatment, so she could analyse where the problem was coming from.

When Jane did my treatment, she found that my pelvis was tilted, which also meant that my pubic symphysis was also out. When she told me this we had a chat, as I had miscarried about two months before. Jane explained that as I was going to have a course of KORE Therapy, this would realign my pelvis and pubic symphysis, and could help with my ability to conceive and bring a baby to full term.

I had three KORE treatments, plus four Cupping treatments to help remove the toxins from my body. When it came to the fourth treatment I had to cancel as I had fallen pregnant. Me and my husband were over the moon, as we weren't thinking about trying for another as it was fairly soon after losing one earlier in the year.

So now it's May and me and my husband and our three year-old son are very excited as the baby is due on on 9th June. Jane is a very kind and caring person, and I can't recommend her enough. I can't thank her enough, as I'm sure her treatments have helped.

Natalie R : received Reiki


I've just had regular Reiki therapy with Jane and have benefited greatly from this therapy.


I always leave feeling totally relaxed and ready for a good sleep. Jane provides personal attention and always follows each treatment with proper advice.


I have a very busy work schedule and Jane has made a positive difference to my day-to-day ability to relax.

Mrs D. G. : received EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

I recently had EFT treatment with Jane Goodman and just had to tell you my story.


Firstly you need to understand how bad my fear of flying has got over the past 15 years, I believe since having my children, maybe the sudden sense of responsibility, fear of leaving them without parents I’m not sure but while I won’t let my fear of flying stop me from going to nice places, I do cry and feel like I can’t catch my breath during the take-off and landing processes, once up in the air I find I can calm down and relax a bit but still do not enjoy one bit of it.


When Jane told me EFT could help my situation I have to say I did not believe her one bit. But why not try, even if just to prove it doesn’t work. So my fear on a scale of 1 to 10 I explained to her was about 12 at the start. After the treatment I described my fear as more like 4 out of 10. I was still sceptical as surely my fear was reduced because I wasn’t actually having to fly at that time. So using the techniques she gave me for approximately 3-4 days before my flight I then boarded the plane. Sat on the runway we were told of a 1.5 hour delay due to a faulty generator on board, something that would have had me running for the hills ordinarily. But I sat quite relaxed reading my book. When we took off I continued to read, kept my mind off what was happening and never shed a tear for the first time in a lot of years of flying around once a year. Same on landing….


I’m truly amazed what a difference this has made as I really would have thought it was just mind over matter, but that cannot be the case when I didn’t believe it would do anything. I want to say thank you Jane, I can’t tell you the difference this has made to me and I will keep in touch and let you know if the technique still works for my next flight!

Jane C.: received a full course of Cosmetic Acupuncture


After just one treatment I can see the difference. One deep crease in particular has reduced with less redness, skin is radiant and area around eyes is plumped up, especially noticeable when applying eyeliner.


Would definitely recommend a course of cosmetic acupuncture - the painless way for a facelift!




I've just had my second facial acupuncture, once again amazing results. I really can't believe that this REALLY works. Ladies (and gentlemen) you must try this!

Harry S. : received The Bowen Technique


I am a 59 year old man and have suffered with lower back pain for many years and took anti-inflammatories/painkillers on a regular, sometimes daily, basis. I had had osteopathy treatments, physiotherapy, massages and chiropractic - all with no or limited success. My GP told me it was just something I'd have to live with!


Then one day I was at a garden party and happened to mention my bad back to one of the other guests. "You're in luck!" they said, "Come and meet Jane." Jane turned out to be another guest, utterly charming, and "off-duty", but she asked me if I'd like a Bowen treatment, there and then, on the lawn! I was so desperate I said "Yes!"


I'd never heard of The Bowen Technique, but she explained it to me, found a quiet spot in the garden, and laid me down on some towels. I'm still not quite sure to this day what she did; it was so gentle and before long I'd quickly dozed off! After about 45 minutes Jane got me to sit up and drink a glass of water. She said I may need further treatments from a local Bowen practitioner to "top-up" what she had done. I carefully stood up, fully expecting my back to twinge as per usual, but....nothing! No pain, no aches. I enjoyed the rest of the party, delighted with what seemed to be a miracle, but nevertheless thinking that the pain would return either during or after the long drive home. But the pain has never returned! That was 4 years ago and I have never needed another treatment.


Thank you Jane! You truly have healing hands!

Kirsty Denton - 5* Facebook Review


Had a KORE treatment and cupping therapy following having a cesarean to get my body all balanced again and to release the tension from my back from lifting and carrying my child all day. I instantly found like I was standing taller again! Amazing! Jane is so warm and approachable putting you right at ease. Would definitely recommend.

Denise B. : received Emotional Freedom Technique


I suffered from arachnophobia all my life. Jane cured me in just one session. I can't praise her highly enough | Emotional Freedom Technique

Ali Clark : received Reflexology


"Simply the Best" is how I would describe Jane Goodman. Jane works truly from the heart and combined with her magical healing hands, excellent set of skills and a great sense of humour she will leave you with an unforgettable experience which I guarantee you will want to keep coming back for.


Jane has helped me with many conditions including grief, neuralgia, back pain and stress. She is the first person I recommend to those who need help.


Mrs C. N. : received Anmo Fu Abdominal Massage Therapy


I went to see Jane because I was suffering with such diverse problems as bloating, anxiety and pelvic pain. My sister had had great results with the Anmo Fu treatments and suggested I try it too. (Like me she had a very bloated tummy.) it was incredible! By correcting my pelvic alignment - something I didn't even know I had a problem with - followed by a gentle Anmo Fu stomach massage, my gassy stomach started to go down like a deflating balloon! I've now had three treatments and each time, I can see a big difference. My anxiety and panic attacks have been massaged away too, something Jane said might happen, as apparently we can store it in our abdominal organs. The pelvic pain has disappeared too, and I feel like a new woman.

Phil Godfrey - 5* Facebook Review


Had lots of pains and problems with shoulders and back. Physiotherapy never worked. Couple of visits the Jane and all sorted. Would definately recommend

Leonie Hartnell : received Reiki and The Bowen Technique


I have no hesitation in recommending Jane Goodman's services as a Holistic Therapist. 


Both my daughter and I have benefitted from both The Bowen Technique and Reiki with Jane. She is gentle, thorough and explains everything she is doing and last but not least has a fabulous sense of humour!

Eve Watson - 5* Facebook Review


Found the Bowen treatments got me through my sciatica and pelvis pain in pregnancy, fantastic!

P. Smith : attends Yoga classes


I am a regular attendee of Jane’s yoga classes, and find them excellent - something to look forward to each week. I have been practising yoga myself for 40 years, and have had very many teachers over those years, but without a doubt, Jane is in my top two. I have nothing but praise for her. She also happens to be an extremely nice person!

Ms A. Green : received a variety of treatments


I have been seeing Jane for various treatments over the years and have always found her welcoming and professional with a calm approach.

Donna Gray - 5* Facebook Review


Fantastic, Janes treatments for my back pain due to 2 prolapsed discs have really helped me where chiropractic and physio failed. Can't recommend enough

Mrs J. Lainchbury : received Acupuncture, Bowen & Reflexology and more...


I have had many treatments from Jane including Reflexology, Bowen, Acupuncture and many more. I have always found Jane to be a kind and caring lady, she will do her best to help you in your time of need. Jane takes her time with you on your first visit to find out how to help you, which is the best treatment for you.


Jane's treatment room is a place where you could not fail to relax and she always has a warm treatment couch and a warm blanket waiting for you when you arrive. Jane is one of the best

Jane C. : received Reflexology


I have been having reflexology treatments with Jane for over a year. I look forward to having an hour of "me" time, relaxing in Jane`s soothing therapy room, listening to calming music, whilst having this wonderful therapy.


This complementary treatment puts my body and mind back in balance. I certainly feel calmed by Jane`s soothing presence and revitalised to carry on with the stresses of everyday life. Thank you Jane for giving me back my mo-jo!

Annette Scott - 5* Facebook Review


Jane is a wonderful therapist, I have had the pleasure of both training with and experiencing her treatments. I would highly recommend Jane.

Mr P. G. : received KORE Therapy, Tuina Massage, Reflexology & Cupping

Melton Mowbray

I have been visiting Jane with a long-standing neck and shoulder muscular problems. She worked to release the tension with KORE, Tuina massage techniques, Reflexology and Cupping


The after-care I received was excellent - giving advice and exercises, posture and general well-being. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane to anyone.

Valerie Gommon - 5* Facebook Review

Milton Keynes

 Jane gave me fabulous reflexology treatments - thank you!

Mrs E. S. : received a variety of treatments


I have found Jane very professional and exceptional in using her knowledge & experience of many areas holistic medicine to improve my health.

Helen Myers - 5* Facebook Review


Jane is an amazing therapist, highly recommended.

Karan Dennis - 5* Facebook Review


My eleven year-old daughter has been suffering with severe hay fever for years; eye drops, nasal sprays, inhalers, the works. Then I met Jane, who administered two Bowen treatments, and we haven't looked back - no hay fever symptoms at all. I kid you not.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jane to anyone, she is remarkably gifted and dedicated to helping others, not to mention one of the kindest, warmest hearted people I've ever met.

Mr J. Crick : received The Bowen Technique


I am asthmatic, have chronic rhinitis, and I am on several medications each day. Jane gives me Bowen therapy, which makes me feel that I do not need any meds at all!!


I have tried other Bowen therapists more local to me, but they're not nearly as effective. Wish Jane was closer!

Mrs E. Francis - 5* Facebook Review


Professional, informative and great treatments! Would definitely recommend Jane for a whole range of therapies I've had the pleasure of experiencing

Gemma Salt - 5* Facebook Review


I had my first treatment with the wonderful Jane today! Oh my god I've walked round in a daze all afternoon! She's a very talented lady!

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