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Natural Uplift Facial Rejuvenation Massage


What is Natural Uplift Facial Rejuvenation Massage?


Natural Uplift Facial Rejuvenation Massage is a fusion of Eastern facial massage techniques and Facial Reflexology. It is a very gentle, non-invasive approach to looking younger.


How does it work?


Facial tension can creep up on us unawares, during the day and even during the night if we sleep badly or grind our teeth, creating stress through the jaw, cranial bones, neck, shoulders and upper back. Natural Uplift Facial Rejuvenation Massage may relieve facial tension, so releasing constriction, increasing the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients, and stimulate cellular activity, thereby improving the appearance of the complexion, potentially helping your face to look more alive, relaxed and radiant.


But my skin is sensitive to some skin products!


Don't worry, no oil or creams are used on the face. Only special massage techniques and the gentle pressure of my fingers and hands, are used, nothing else.


Do I have to remove my make-up?


No. I can work over it so there is no need to arrive, or leave, bare-faced!


Is it suitable for men?


Yes. These days men also want to look and feel younger, and are renowned for holding on to tension and stress in their daily lives, so may find Natural Uplift Facial Rejuvenation Massage very beneficial, as it can be deeply relaxing not only for the face but also in the whole body and mind.


How long does a treatment take?


45 minutes approximately, once settled and comfortable lying on the therapy couch.


What are the results?


No promises obviously, as everyone is different, but clients have reported the following results after a treatment: Tightening of facial contours. More toned skin and underlying muscle. An improvement in the skin's suppleness. An increase in circulation resulting in improvements in cases of spots, acne and blemishes generally. Lessening of facial tension and tension generally. Some relief in cases of Bell's Palsy/stroke. Stress relief. Relief from eye strain, headaches and sinusitis. A softening of wrinkles, laughter/expression lines. Brighter, rejuvenated skin. A feeling of deep relaxation and well-being. A good night's sleep. Some have been asked if they have had a surgical face-lift!


How often should I have a treatment?


As often as you feel you need one, for whatever reason. The effects can be cumulative, so keeping to a regular schedule of treatments may be of benefit. Many clients book in for a Natural Uplift Facial Rejuvenation Massage for special occasions.


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How much does it cost?


£45 for every hour long treatment.


Do I need to undress?


No, not at all. You don't even have to remove your make-up!


Effective treatment for...


- Reduces facial tension


- Promotes deep relaxation & sleep


- Relieves effects of teeth grinding


- Relieves stress in jaw & cranial bones


- Relieves stress in neck/shoulders/back


- Increase flow of blood/oxygen/nutrients


- Stimulates celluar activity


- Improves appearence and complexion


- Often tightens facial contours


- Reduces spots/acne and blemishes


-  Relieves effects of Bells Palsy & stroke


- Softens wrinkles and laughter lines


- Relieves eye strain/headache/sinusitis

Quick Reference Guide

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None of the complementary holistic therapies offered by Jane Goodman Holistic Therapies is intended as primary healthcare. Complementary holistic therapies work alongside the relationship you have with your professional medical practitioner. If you have any medical concern, you must always consult your GP. As a holistic practitioner, I do not diagnose, prescribe medication or advise you to stop taking prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor.

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