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Additional Information About Reflexology





Can Reflexology Help With Cancer? 


Reflexology will not cure cancer , but may help to give some relief from pain and the nausea sometimes associated with chemotherapy treatments. It is not intended as a replacement for conventional treatment, but as a complement to allopathic medicine. I worked for 3 years in a hospice, as a volunteer Reflexologist on the wards. I treated many patients who were very ill, and who, most often, were close to death. Reflexology brought them respite from the pain, albeit temporarily; pain that even morphine was unable to take away completely. Never underestimate the power of touch.


What Can I Expect From A Treatment?


Following an initial consultation, during which you'll be asked about your lifestyle, diet, past and present medical history etc, you'll be settled on the therapy couch. There is no need to undress. Only the feet will be bared and you'll be covered with a warm blanket to keep you comfortable. After cleansing your feet I examine them and make some notes. Then special foot cream will be massaged into your feet to relax them. Your Reflexology treatment then begins, one foot at a time.


My Feet Are Ugly!


No they're not! I've seen all kinds of feet. Trust me, everyone says the same about their feet, and they aren't ugly!


I Am Ticklish!


The treatment is not as light as perhaps you'd think. The pressure is firm, though gentle, and most people are reassured after the first few minutes, that it's not going to tickle. If it really proves to be a problem, the hands can be treated instead.


Who Can Have Reflexology?


Any age is suitable, providing the child will sit still! There are some contraindications however.....


Contraindications - When Reflexology Is Not Suitable


Reflexology is a safe treatment, but in the interests of both therapist and client, there are some conditions that are best avoided for a treatment:


- Thrombosis or thrombophlebitis


- Infectious or contagious diseases


- First trimester of pregnancy


- Unstable pregnancy, where there is a risk of miscarriage


- Phlebitis (inflammation of the veins)


- Internal bleeding


- Gangrene


- Fever - wait until the fever has abated


- Lymphatic cancer


- Continued extreme negative reaction to treatment (although very rare)


- Verrucas


- Athlete's Foot


- Osteoporosis


- A recent broken bone or fracture in the toes, foot or ankle


- Broken skin - wait for it to heal


What Is The Post-Treatment Advice? (24 - 48 Hours Following Each Treatment)


- Drink water - lots of it!


- Rest


- Avoid smoking (including second-hand smoke) and drugs


- Avoid alcohol


- Avoid spicy foods


- Avoid caffeine (coffee and caffeine drinks e.g.: Red Bull)


- Avoid all soft fizzy drinks


- Eat lightly and sensibly, your body is trying to heal itself now so give it a chance to do the job well.



None of the complementary holistic therapies offered by Jane Goodman Holistic Therapies is intended as primary healthcare. Complementary holistic therapies work alongside the relationship you have with your professional medical practitioner. If you have any medical concern, you must always consult your GP. As a holistic practitioner, I do not diagnose, prescribe medication or advise you to stop taking prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor.

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