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Silence The Negative Self-Talk With Bach Flower Remedies

Silence The Negative Self-Talk With Back Flower Remedies blog article by Jane Goodman of Goodman Holistic Therapies, Northampton

Do you feel you are sometimes your own worst enemy?

Do you talk to yourself in a way you'd never talk to your best friend?

For example: "I'm so ugly/fat/useless/pathetic!"

It's worth remembering that YOU are your own best friend and to tread more lightly on your own feelings!

If you feel you are sabotaging yourself in some way, then why not try one of these gentle remedies:

Five Corners Australian Bush Flower Remedy for:

- low self esteem - dislike of self - crushed, held-in personality

- wears drab and colourless clothing


- love and acceptance of self - celebration of own beauty - joyousness

Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple Remedy for:

- hates body; poor self image - feels unclean or 'poisonous' - obsessive, repetitive behaviour


- acceptance of self and one's imperfections - positive self image - more relaxed outlook on life, self and environment

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