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Your Mother Was Right: Why It's Essential You Wrap Up Warm

As Autumn starts to elbow Summer out of the picture, we reach that time of year - like Spring - when we don't always know what to wear from one moment to another.

Take my advice: have a scarf to hand!

Why? I hate to tell you, but your parents were right! You should wrap up warm when the weather becomes temperamental and fluctuating.

This is especially true of the Acupuncture point BL12 (or UB12 for Urinary Bladder, to differentiate between that and the Gall-Bladder).

BL12 is the 12th point on the Bladder meridian, which runs either side of the spine (see picture). BL12 is known as Feng Men, or Wind Gate, and is found on the upper back about the 2nd thoracic vertebrae (T2).

When the weather is warm, our pores open. Then suddenly the weather turns, it becomes cold and windy and damp and our pores get hit by the cold, allowing external pathogens into the body, such as colds, 'flu, sore throats, fevers, shivering and coughs as well as stiff necks and back pain.

The Wind Gate is a particularly vulnerable area when the weather is cold, damp and windy, so do yourself a favour and keep it covered and cosy.

Your mother will be pleased!

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