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Mind Magic

I would like to take this opportunity to share the wonderful Betty Shine's Mind Magic article, so that you may pass it on to help those you love.

Sit down or lie down and close your eyes. Breathe deeply a few times.

Imagine a corridor. Walk along it until you see a door. There is a brass plaque on it, with your name on it. See it clearly. In the lock is a key. Imagine the key: it can be simple or very big and ornate; whatever works well for you. Unlock the door, go in and lock the door from the inside.

Look around you. This is your mind space, your mental pharmacy, clinic, recovery room, and you are going to mentally furnish and decorate it however you want it. It can be as big or as small as you like. It can have windows overlooking a park, or a beach. Are there curtains or blinds? It can have a massage/therapy couch, a chaise lounge, a four-poster bed, or multi-coloured cushions on the floor. There may be an easy chair? What is the floor covering? What are the colours of the walls? Are there paintings, mirrors? What lighting is there? Is it adjustable, with a dimmer switch? Is it lit by gentle candlelight?

Add some cupboards and shelving. Add jars, flasks, vials and bottles with stoppers. See a pile of blank labels and a pen. Imagine the colour of the labels - perhaps multicoloured and see the colour of the ink. This is your pharmacy and your task from now on is to stock it with whatever you need at any given time.

Do you get migraines or suffer from arthritis? Are you diabetic and need insulin each day? Do you take antidepressants or medication for anxiety or stress? Whatever it is, you will now take the first step towards curing it.

Let us assume you are suffering from a headache. Visit your room, lock the door and sit. Mentally take one of the jars and a label and write "Headache pills" or "Headache water" if you prefer it to be a liquid healing agent - give this a colour. Let your imagination run wild. The pills could be purple and the liquid gold! Enjoy the process.

Now look inside the jar. By the simple act of labelling, headache pills will have magically appeared in it; enough to last you forever. So help yourself to 2 or 3 of them and suck or swallow them. Imagine a flavour- perhaps orange or strawberry. Perhaps they smell of lemons and fizz on your tongue like a sherbet lemon? Use ALL of your senses to create as strong an image as possible. Replace the jar on the shelf and sit or lie quietly in your room and the headache will go.

Impossible? Not so. But what have you actually done? By projecting your mind toward the problem and knowing, without any doubt, you are going to be cured, you are releasing your own natural painkillers – endorphins. Your mind is controlling the actions of the body.

Visit your Mind Medicine Room every day, whether you are ill or not. Add something every time you enter it. Write more labels to put on empty jars. It is so much better to be prepared for every eventuality. One day it may be a matter of great urgency, but you will be prepared.

There is no end to the list of things you can add: cotton wool, slimming pills, hormone pills, ice packs, thyroid medication, painkillers, anti-inflammatory tablets, energy pills or syringes of insulin, morphine etc etc. The possibilities are endless. Even heroin, because addicts can use this method to kick their addictions. They would get the same stimulation without the physical harm to their bodies.

Whatever you believe to be in the jars, bottles, vials, flasks, so it will be. Everything is energy, including our thoughts, so they are as real as the car you drive, the food you eat and the money in your pocket. Everything is energy: the wind, an ant, a rock, your words, your thoughts. Our thoughts and words NOW, create our FUTURE reality.

Think of where you are now in your life and examine your past beliefs, thoughts and words. They invariably match up. So start thinking, believing and saying positive things today. Many people find a spirit doctor or an angel of healing waiting for them when they enter their room. If this happens, just sit or lie down in your room and allow the healing or the psychic surgery to take place.

Visit your healing room every day for at least 5 minutes, whether you are ill or not. Over the months and years you may change things in it. Maybe you'll want prettier bottles or some dramatic potions. Maybe a change of view or a bigger room or a change of furniture. Time spent in your room will speed up the cure when you are ill.

With this exercise, you are building energy, which is power. Its results will change your life.

What Betty Shine says about cancer...

Fortunately there is something more powerful than cancer, and that is the mind. With your mind you can reverse the workings of your body and reduce any tumour to the condition of a trembling jelly! Feeling angry that your body has turned on you? You can knock it for six with your aggression. Let the tumour feel the full force of your anger in return. Attack the tumour, or the white blood cells, with aggression. Don't give in, fight every inch of the way, and if you have to neglect your home, your family and friends in order to do so, then so be it. Don't deal with negative people; have no truck with negative thoughts. Keep the positivity coming.

To deal with a tumour, malignant or benign, the following visualisation exercise can be helpful. First, allow yourself about 10 minutes of complete peace to prepare yourself for the fight ahead. Now sit down, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and breathe deeply 3 times. Imagine yourself in a garden. You are standing in the middle of the lawn and you're wearing very loose clothes and sandals. The sun is coming up and you can feel the warmth of the sun penetrating the whole of your body, relaxing every muscle. Now walk to the bottom of the lawn where you will find 10 steps going down to a terrace. Descend the steps slowly and count them as you go: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10.

You reach the terrace and look out towards a landscape of mountains, forests and rivers. This is your Mind Space. It belongs only to you. It is safe and secure. Remember this. Now, once more, breathe deeply 3 times. Then turn right and walk down the terrace until you find 6 steps leading down to a smaller terrace. Count the steps as you go. To the right of the terrace is a pool. Remove your clothes and walk into it; sink down into the warm relaxing water, which is no ordinary water, but also a powerful energy source. You can give it a colour or colours as you wish. The colours may change of their own accord: this is your Higher Self giving you what you most need as each colour has its own healing properties. Just go with it. As you relax, you will feel your body absorbing the energy and you will begin to feel rejuvenated but still peaceful. Enjoy the pool until you feel ready to leave it, then climb out of it, dry yourself off on a towel by the side of the pool, and dress yourself again.

Walk back up the 6 steps, counting as you go. Walk along the terrace and up the 10 higher steps, counting again, and return to the spot on the lawn from where your journey began. Now you are rejuvenated. Your energy fields have opened up. It is the moment to launch your attack. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and visualise your tumour(s). You will find a small quantity of pellets in your hand. Insert them into the tumours and when you have done so, watch the tumours explode and vanish. Do this exercise as many times a day as you like.

Your mind is your most powerful ally you have. MENTAL ENERGY WORKS!

Perhaps you can think up even more aggressive things to do: sending in an army, or Pac Man to chomp it up. Perhaps imagine your ally is a Great White shark, hunting down the tumour and eating it up. Perhaps imagine a vacuum cleaner travelling through your body hoovering up all the cancerous and malignant cells and utterly destroying them. Or think up a substance that you can inject into yourself to destroy the cancerous cells. Vary the weapons according to your own ideas but on no account despair if you cannot actually 'see' what you are doing; just to know is enough.

With practice all sorts of images will start to appear. Anything can happen, once you apply the power of your mind. Anything you can do, do it. Your tumour won't know what's hit it! Don't give up. Ever!

When you have finished your exercise, breathe deeply and imagine a blue healing liquid being poured into the top of your head. As it flows through your body it will take all the debris with it. You will then feel peaceful. Repeat these exercises every day, as many times as you wish. You are at war and there is no way you are going to retreat. Your body is going to do what you want it to do.

As you become more proficient in self-healing you will find that you have more confidence, you will be less likely to panic, because a visit to your Mind Medicine Room or Garden will calm you before fear has a chance to take over. By strengthening your mind with these exercises you will find it easier to control your physical body.

These are mostly Betty's words, but they have been added to and embellished. The important thing is to practice regularly, use all the senses to create a powerful experience and not to worry if it doesn't come easily at first. It will. And just 'knowing' is enough, without the 'seeing'; that comes with the practice!

To learn more about Betty Shine, please click here


This visualisation exercise is offered as a complementary techinique only, and should in no way replace conventional medical treatment or professional medical attention. Always seek professional medical advice for any condition you are concerned about.

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