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Bowen Breast Procedure

Bowen Breast Procedure blog article by Jane Goodman of Goodman Holistic Therapies

In 2006 as I was coming to the end of my training in Bowen Technique, I had a recall for a repeat mammogram. The date scheduled was the same as that of my final training modules in Bowen, so I had a problem: do I go for the mammogram or put off my training (that last module wouldn't have come round again for at least 8 months)? Despite a rather panicky initial response - I have 3 generations of ...breast cancer in my family (mother, grandmother and great-grandmother) - I decided to reschedule the mammogram instead. The final module of my Bowen course included learning how to perform the Breast Procedure. This is useful in improving the flow of lymph around the breast tissue. Lymph removes toxic material from our bodies and is a very important part of our immune system. Underwired bras can impede this flow in and around the breast and armpit, which can lead to a dangerous build-up of toxicity in this area.

It's not just women at risk here; male bodybuilders who have overdeveloped pectoral muscles can have the same problem, and breast cancer can develop in ANY man as well as in women. During the course we practised the Bowen Breast Procedure many times, over and over. When I went for my repeat mammogram a week later, the doctor apologised for the length of time it took to get a decent X-ray picture. They'd had to repeat the X-ray 3 times (ouch!). She put the original X-ray up on the light box and pointed out the beginning of 'starring' in the breast tissue, the start, she said, of a potentially serious problem - yes, we're talking breast cancer. Then she added the latest X-ray and said she was very puzzled that the 'starring' had disappeared, which was why they'd had to keep repeating the mammogram X-rays, just to be sure they hadn't missed anything. I knew why the problem had gone away - miraculously it seemed. It was because I'd spent 3 days going over and over the Bowen Breast Procedure! The lymphatic tissue and fluid had been stirred up, shifted and the toxic material dispersed for the body to deal with before the problem took hold properly. I've taught this Bowen Breast Procedure to many women, so that they can incorporate it into their breast checking routine; indeed, doing this can replace what you're already doing (or should be doing!). I've also used it successfully to help a breast-feeding mum with painful mastitis. Her milk wasn't flowing and she was in agony. 20 minutes after completing the moves on her, the milk was flowing again and the pain gone. So here is the Bowen Breast Procedure. It is very easy to do and takes just a few seconds to complete. It's basically 2 moves that are the opposite of each other. BOWEN BREAST PROCEDURE This is a 2 part procedure carried out on each breast, opposite hand/breast. I find doing it lying down is easiest, but it can be done standing or sitting.

On top of clothing or against skin, but do remove your bra: 1) Place the right hand, fingers together on the upper slope of the left breast. Press DOWN towards the feet and keeping that action, move the hand over the breast tissue so that the fingers grasp the edge of the pectoral muscle in the armpit (i.e.: to the left). Draw the hand back IN, to the right, to the centre of the body and FLATTEN the fingers at the end of that move. Make sure you don't lose that pressing down action on the breast as you complete the move. 2) On the same breast, place the hand underneath the breast and press UP, towards the head, keeping fingers together. Keep that upward action and draw back towards the centre of the body and press OUT towards the armpit. You won't feel as much on the second move as there is less tissue to move; you are moving over the ribs. Then perform the procedure on the right breast with the left hand. It doesn't matter which one you start with. Just remember it is opposite hand/breast and that the two moves are opposites of each other: 1 is down, out and in, 2 is up, in and out. It's possible that you may go down as much as a cup size after doing this, as the lymph is sent on its way to do its job. Ladies, wear underwired bras by all means; they give us a nice shape and are sexy! But at the end of the day, when you get home, kick off your shoes, put the kettle on and TAKE OFF YOUR BRA. Then do the procedure, above on yourself. Or, at the very least, give your 'girls' a good, thorough massage to free up that build-up of lymph.


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