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Why You Should Keep A Bottle Apple Cider Vinegar In Stock

Why You Should Keep Apple Cider Vinegar In Stock blog article by Jane Goodman of Goodman Holistic Therapies, Northampton

I always keep a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar in my kitchen cupboard. It has many uses, but did you know it can rapidly heal a sprained ankle?

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) acts as an astringent, drawing swelling and fluid away from the site of an injury.

The usual treatment of an acute injury would be the RICE method - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. However, ice can be applied only for a relatively short time, to avoid damaging the skin, whereas ACV can be applied for extensive periods. ACV is applied typically to a sprain or a twist, but can be used as a poultice on any type of soft tissue trauma. This includes bruises, inflammation, soreness and areas of redness or heat. An early historical record of the use of ACV is from the village of Kilmersdon in Somerset, where the real life figures of Jack and Jill lived. Jack fell down the hill and broke his crown - top of the skull - and was taken to the local village healer for an application of vinegar. It being Somerset, it seems almost certain that it would have been cider vinegar. Sadly, Jack died of his injuries. ACV has literally hundreds of uses, quite apart from an external poultice, and has been reported to be of great benefit for arthritis patients; as a hair rinse; for stings and rashes; and as an aid to weight loss.

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